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Flexible collaboration and partnership

We tailor our approach to what you need. We can partner directly with you, we can bring our expertise into a broader team, or utilise our network to build the team you need.

We have a network of partners across Aotearoa New Zealand, the Pacific region, and Australia that we draw on to augment our expertise, ensuring we’re always the right fit to meet your requirements.

Our approach is to promote working with local partners and people who offer a diversity of knowledge and experience. This ensures we have a deep understanding of where we’re operating, who we’re working with, and developing solutions that will have a real impact. Talk to us about what you need, and we’ll find the solution.

Our Values

Quality + Sustainable Change + Integrity + Intelligent Solutions

We believe that quality people, doing quality work, in quality ways, results in sustainable change. We tailor our approach to what’s needed. Our standards are high and consistent so that everything we deliver improves your ability to do your work.

We believe that the journey is as important as the destination. Having an impact and being sustainable isn’t just about what we deliver, it’s also about how we work. We value developing long-term partnerships that respect and promote diversity of thinking, to create innovative yet practical solutions.

We want the impact of our work to last long after our involvement. We know how to get things done in challenging circumstances. We thrive on finding the right path through complex issues.

We value the knowledge and experience that everyone brings to the table. We love that every project is an opportunity to learn, it keeps us curious and humble. We don’t presume to know the answers; we investigate and ask questions to ensure our work is informed by the latest science, practice, and the local context.